The Summit Leadership Development System is based on the series of books entitled Habitudes®: Images that Form Leadership Habits and Attitudes, written by Dr. Tim Elmore, President of Growing Leaders. Because of the universal values this series helps to impart, athletic programs across the country have used Habitudes for athletic departments to help develop character and promote student-athlete leadership. What makes these tools so powerful is the research-based sports leadership training methods which use distinct images, conversations, and experiences to teach timeless life and sports leadership skills in an engaging, memorable way.

The Nationwide Decline

Over a two-year period of time, our team surveyed hundreds of NCAA coaches from across the nation. I simply asked what they’d observed in athletes, from multiple intercollegiate sports. The following are the tangible declines coaches spotted in their players:


Practice goes well, but even minor adversity seems to defeat them.


Parent’s often push them into individualism and self-expansion.


Their internal fortitude to succeed is replaced by external stimuli.

Work Ethic

Because of short attention spans, the daily grind is a turn-off.


Due to texts, microwaves and Google, it’s hard to delay gratification.

Academic Stamina

It’s tough to stick with studies when the novelty’s gone.


Few have been honest with them about blind spots.

Iceber Principle

The Iceberg principle says that 10% of our life is above the surface and 90% is unseen and under the surface. It is the 90% that sustains the 10%. In light of this, we must ask an important question.


How much resource do we invest into developing the unseen parts of our lives?

The Seasons

Season 1: (13 weeks)

The Art of Self Leadership


In the first set of images from the athlete leadership program, student athletes learn how to lead themselves well by developing strong character, self-discipline, personal values, responsibility, initiative, self-esteem, time management, and a healthy support network.

Season 2: (13 weeks)

The Art of Teamwork and Connecting with Teammates


Themes covered in the second series of images teach practical ways for athletes to develop strong relationships with their teammates, resolve conflict, and create a team culture.

Season 3: (13 weeks)

The Art of Leading Others and Changing Team Culture


The third component of the student-athlete leadership program focuses on major leadership principles, including setting the vision for the team, setting goals, leading effective teams, handling criticism, and leveraging your influence to positively impact others on the team.

Season 4: (13 weeks)

The Art of Navigating Transition


Images from the fourth series are specifically designed to give student-athletes tools to navigate the critical junctions of life. This includes handling transitions that occur as part of their sport, as well as those in life after school.

The Training

What you will receive each season of training

  1. A daily training manual for 100 days.
  2. A personal copy of the Habitudes book.
  3. 13 weekly online Habitude group meetings.
  4. Opportunities to serve our community in NWA.
  5. An opportunity to participate in yearly training camp. (cost separate)
  6. A tribe of like-minded friends and teammates to encourage you.
  7. An experience that will create a positive trajectory of their leadership journey.


Tuition: $199 per season

DETAILS: Fall 2019 (limited to 25 spots) – The Summit System is currently designed for athletes in Junior High and High School.

Online Team Meeting: Weekly on Thursdays at 8pm.

Ready to get equipped with the leadership tools and training needed to be successful in your sports career?

About Josh Foliart

Habitudes Master Consultant

The Summit Leadership Development System is hosted by Josh Foliart, a former Razorback Student Athlete. After finishing his undergraduate degree at the University of Arkansas, he was awarded the first annual Brandon Burslworth Scholar Athlete Award, given to an outstanding walk-on. Josh carries the walk-on mentality that asks “why not” in place of “why” and injects that same way of thinking into those he works alongside. He works closely with the Southeastern Conference and hosts the SEC Career Tour. Josh has also been invited to speak at various SEC athletic departments and is a trusted voice that understands how to speak the language of this generation. He brings insight and inspiration to businesses, educational institutions, sport teams, churches and non-profits. His athletic background and global life experience make his perspective unique.

Josh Foliart